A promise ring symbolizes commitment in a romantic partnership. It is distinct from purity rings and engagement rings that act as physical manifestations of love and commitment in a relationship.

Honor your commitment with a vintage-inspired promise ring. Explore Zales’ collection of beautiful promises for girlfriends, including cute designs and engraved styles.

Black and White Stone Ring

Black stone Promise rings for couples are a fairly new type of jewelry and have been popularized by celebrities and fashion bloggers. They are typically made of black onyx, a quartz-like gemstone with parallel bands.

Like white topaz, black onyx does not have the sparkle and fire of diamond or Moissanite. It will quickly become dull and dingy with the buildup of oils and dirt.

This ring features a stunning pear-shaped natural black rutilated quartz and accent stones of your choice. Choose from yellow aventurine, striped malachite, pink sparkly rose quartz, swirly red agate, brown tiger eye and a variety of other semi-precious gemstones.

OEC Diamond Ring

Old European cut diamonds offer a combination of timeless elegance and historical significance. These diamonds differ from modern round diamonds because they have different shapes and bold angles that reflect the wearer’s personality. They also feature a visible culet, a flat facet at the bottom tip of the diamond that adds character and uniqueness to the stone.

Since they were hand-cut before machine-cutting became popular, no two European cut diamonds are alike. This characteristic makes them more unique and appealing to many people. Moreover, they have more fire than modern diamonds due to their wider table surfaces.

Cinderella Ring

Reveal your love in the most beautiful way with this engagement ring from the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Diamond Fit for a Princess Collection inspired by Cinderella. Crafted in 14k white gold, this dazzling style features a quad of 1/15 ct. princess-cut diamonds that sparkle along a twist ribbon shank.

This pretty ring shines like the glass slipper that leads Cinderella and her Prince to blissful happiness. The cloisonne crafted openwork designs of the ring’s dazzling blue marquise-shaped centerpiece connect to a gold-plated ring band.

Family Heirloom Ring

An heirloom ring comes with a lot of history, and this can make it very special for your future wife. If you want to use an heirloom ring for your proposal, it is essential that you receive explicit permission from the family member who owns it.

If you want to alter the ring, be sure to work with a jeweller who can preserve its history and sentimental value. You may also wish to include some personal touches, such as engraving a meaningful word or phrase.

This will ensure that you create a ring that is truly your own.

Pink Diamond Ring

Pink diamonds symbolize femininity, love, and happiness – perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion. These gorgeous variations of the precious gemstone rank ten on the Mohs scale and display delicate hues ranging from candy floss to rich cherry jam shades.

Whether worn as an engagement ring or a fashion piece, pink diamonds have become one of Hollywood’s latest jewellery trends. The gem has been adorned on the fingers of celebrities including tennis champion Anna Kournikova, actresses Blake Lively and Margot Robbie, and designer Victoria Beckham.

Add an air of elegance to your pink diamond ring with a second layer of small diamonds like in this ring featuring a 0.50 carat oval Argyle pink diamond surrounded by a halo and band of round white accent diamonds.

Oval Lab Diamond Ring

Oval lab diamonds are a classic choice that never goes out of style. They have an elongated silhouette that makes them appear larger than other diamond shapes. This translates into more “carat weight” even when the stone is smaller.

A halo setting augments the beauty of an oval diamond, making it more eye-catching and dramatic. Try a glamorous design like this one with a 1-carat center stone framed by a halo of smaller diamonds.

When shopping for a diamond, choose a jeweler with an excellent reputation and an ethically sourced and conflict free selection. Work with a jewelry expert to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend.

Pear-Shaped Solitaire Ring

Pear-shaped stones pair beautifully with a variety of styles. For a dainty and elegant look, consider a twisted vine ring design that incorporates two pear-shaped diamonds to create an intriguing asymmetrical element. This romantic setting symbolizes a strong bond between you and your partner.

The elongated shape of the pear-shaped diamond flatters different hand shapes and sizes. It also allows couples to tailor their engagement ring to reflect the unique experiences of their shared journey.

A pear-shaped diamond pairs well with halo and side stone settings, including contemporary double band designs. The unique aesthetic of this dazzling cut also looks stunning in a solitaire ring.